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CIVT provides world-leading education, including accredited post graduate qualifications in evidence-based natural medicine. By bridging cutting edge science and tradition, we help you to expand your treatment options to tackle your most challenging cases.  And whether you’re a veterinarian, veterinary technician or nurse, animal health professional or someone who wants to learn more, we have the right course for you!


    Adv. Cert. in Veterinary Neuroacupuncture

    Take your understanding and skills to a new level with this 1 year advanced certification course that brings together a wide range of specialists and experienced veterinary acupuncture practitioners to provide a stimulating and evidence-based link between traditional Chinese medicine and current understanding of veterinary neurology.

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    Coming in 2019 - Introduction to Integrative Veterinary Practice

    This series will provide an outline of a broad range of integrative modalities and information that can help veterinarians to prioritize their continuing education options.


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    Case Studies in Canine Rehabilitation

    Presented by Dr Tanya Grantam
    This presentation covers the benefits of physical rehabilitation and the value this avenue can provide within a veterinary practice. These are demonstrated by means of case studies.
    Cert. Clinical Integrative Canine Rehabilitation

    Designed for rapid clinical integration of new skills and knowledge and provides strategies to develop therapeutic programs for frequently occurring conditions that respond well to physical rehabilitation and other integrative therapies, in conjunction with more conventional surgery and pharmacological interventions as required.



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