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      Webinar - June 11th 2018 Treatment of chronic UTI with Chinese medicine

Presented by Dr Signe Beebe


Welcome to the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies

CIVT provides world-leading education, including accredited post graduate qualifications in evidence-based natural medicine. By bridging cutting edge science and tradition, we help you to expand your treatment options to tackle your most challenging cases.  And whether you’re a veterinarian, veterinary technician or nurse, animal health professional or someone who wants to learn more, we have the right course for you!


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VWHM1000 Introduction to Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine, for students only at a highly subsidized price, begins May 15 2018. Enrol anytime until the end of June. Here is your chance to begin your integrative veterinary medicine journey! LEARN MORE

Webinar Series - Plant Intelligence  4 lectures commencing May 30.
These lectures are essential for all those interested in botanical medicine and the growing plant life around us - open your minds and instincts to the wonder and vitality of our botanical siblings! Presented by celebrated herbalists, Richard Mandelbaum.

essential guide to Chinese herbal formulas

by Dr Steve Marsden's

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