ACMGAS201A Work In the Animal Care Industry

Unit Purpose

This unit of competency is for new entrants to the animal health care industry. It is about developing and demonstrating a set of skills that allow you work on your own and with others in the animal care industry. It requires the ability to follow work schedules and recognise animals commonly found in the workplace. In addition to legal and ethical responsibilities, all units of competency in the Animal Care and Management Training Package have the requirement for animals to be handled gently and calmly.

You are required to show or develop an empathetic understanding of animals in your care, so that stress and discomfort can be minimised. The work functions within this unit require the demonstration of basic operational knowledge in a moderate range of areas and the application of a defined range of skills. You would be expected to apply known solutions to a limited range of predictable problems. All tasks would be conducted under strict supervision.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of the Industry
  • Recognise Animals
  • Handling Animals
  • Workplace activities and routines
  • OH&S
  • Recognise hazards
  • Clean Animal Housing


ACMGAS201A Work In the Animal Care Industry

Reporting of assessment outcomes 

Your result will be recorded and reported to you as Competent or Not yet Competent. On successful completion you will receive a Statement of Attainment.


Requirements to successfully complete this unit of competency 

  1. You need to complete an online interview 
  2. You need to have your supervisor or peer assist you in completing your supervisor report
  3. You need to complete the online quiz
  4. You need to complete the case study
  5. You need to complete the workbook

What you will need

  • Access to the internet, a plan which will allow you to download to view video material
  • Headphones, microphone and webcam to participate in online interview 

Additional details for local assessment arrangements

You can collect evidence within your workplace that you have demonstrated the skills and outcomes required for this unit of competence. Instructions are available under the Supervisors guide to evidence. 

Service Quality Commitment

CIVT Management is responsible for the quality of its training and assessment services in compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015, and for the issuance of the AQF certification documentation. Once you have commenced the training and assessment in this Course , CIVT is committed to completing the delivery of the training assessment within the agreed duration and will further negotiate the timing for completion of the training assessment if you are unable to complete the course due to illness or extenuating circumstances. We offer an Absence of Leave option and an Extension of Course Time option. It is your responsibility to alert us if you require either of these.

Nominal Hours: 20 

Suggested Study Plan:       5 hours per week for 4 weeks

Course Fee (includes unit enrolment fee)

Australia $347.00

USA, Canada, Europe, UK US $347.00

NZ, Malaysia, HK, Singapore, Rest of World US $347.00


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