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Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine Courses


Accredited Post-graduate Qualification

10049NAT Graduate Diploma of Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine

Why use herbs when we have established, effective treatments for so many medical conditions? Most veterinary herbalists would answer this way: where conventional treatments are both safe and effective, they should be used, unfortunately, that isn't the case for many serious chronic medical conditions - chronic - meaning that despite the treatment, the condition persists.

Herbs represent additional tools in your veterinary toolbox. They also require us to take a different view to managing our cases. We want to be able to change the fundamental physiology of the patient towards health and fortunately the constituents of herbal medicines allow us to that.

Not only do herbs provide therapeutic actions we are familiar with, like antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action, they also provide classes of action that we just don't have in veterinary medicine- like adaptogens and vulneraries. Utilizing our knowledge of pharmacology, the transition into Western herbal medicine is relatively easy, and very gratifying. Most veterinary herbalists would agree that they get longer. more profound improvements when herbs are integrated into veterinary treatment.

Herbs don't need to be used just for chronic disease though. There are herbs that are very useful in first aid and for common conditions, as alternatives to steroids and antibiotics and where people are looking for natural alternatives. Learn about herbal medicine from the basics right through to post graduate programs. Be one of the first to attend the world's first online Graduate Program in Veterinary Herbal Medicine.


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