Veterinary Bioregulatory Medicine Course

Bioregulatory Medicine: A gentle yet powerful system

Veterinary Bioregulatory Medicine Course

By impacting the bioregulatory mechanisms in the body, we can turn patients around, stimulating health and countering disease. Homotoxicology is an important method used in cooperatively supporting these natural bioregulatory pathways.
This introductory level course by experts Drs  PJ Broadfoot, Joe Demers and Richard Palmquist welcomes you to a new approach, a gentle yet powerful system of medicine that will get you results.

Designed specifically for veterinarians and veterinary students, the course explores the evidence base underpinning bioregulatory medicine and provides practical ways to get you started immediately!

This course is taught through a combination of self study, recorded lectures, tutorials, forum discussion and email support. It forms the first module of a planned Certification course, but is stand alone as a solid introduction to this medicine. There are two planned face-to-face tutorials on line in the myCIVT classroom. If you are unable to attend, these sessions will be recorded for you to view later.

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Check out the Homotoxicology Webinar Package - 4 webinars for $100 that introduce concepts and provide practical, case study examples of using this modality.

Your tutors

Richard Palmquist, DVM:
"This wonderful tool that is incredibly useful in managing commonly encountered problems seen by every veterinarian. Because it integrates so smoothly with conventional and alternative modalities, homotoxicology allows for medicine to make its next big movement forward in sophistication and effectiveness."
Paula Jo (PJ) Broadfoot, DVM: “A series of seemingly random events led to my initial foray into homotoxicology, and unexpectedly good results from the therapy intrigued me. I had to know the reasoning, theory, and therapeutics of this medical art. It has consumed my interest for many years, with more magic still to be learned.”
Joseph Demers, DVM, CVA, CVH: "Homotoxicology has become my one of favorite methods of treatment. The reasons are that it is easy to incorporate into practice, an effective, powerful therapy; and it can be combined with other holistic therapies to enhance treatment outcome.”
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Course details


Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine  

Course Title

Veterinary Bioregulatory Medicine
Course Outline



  • Beginnings: An Introduction to Bioregulatory Medicine
  • Orientation

Getting Started

  • Case based presentation: Three Simple Cases
  • How Amazing Are Our Patients?
  • Forum on Introductory materials


WEEK 2: Introduction to Veterinary Homotoxicology
(Dr PJ Broadfoot)

  • Introduction 
  • The Origins of Homotoxicology and Bioregulatory Medicine

Principles of Homotoxicology

  • Evidence base for homotoxicology and Research
  • Homotoxicology Approach

WEEKS 3 & 4: The Disease Evolution Table as a Clinical Tool
(Dr Richard Palmquist)

  • The Disease Evolution Table as a Clinical Tool
  • The Six Phases Of Disease
  • Designing Treatment Plans Using The DET
  • Medicine Selection and Dosing


WEEKS 5 & 6: Let's Get Practical: Practical Applications For Your Workplace
(Dr Joe Demers) 
  • Clinical Applications of Homotoxicology (120 minutes)
  • Introduction to Homotoxicology Treatment in Veterinary Patients
  • Introduction to Classical Homeopathy for Biological Therapists
  • Basic Bioregulatory Approaches To Musculoskeletal Disorders and Pain in Veterinary Patients
  • Forums on clinical cases
Estimated time This six-week course is expected to take about 30 hours of direct contact to do the online lectures, reading and practical assignments.
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Australia: $654.50 AUD (includes GST)

USA and the Rest of the World: $595.00 USD 

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Communication and Course Course Material We will provide self-paced learning content and activities within the myCIVT classroom online. You will recieve a log in and password to access the classroom. From myCIVT you can access course content as well as submit assessment tasks. Email/skype/chat support is available.
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