The new era of Evidence-based Medicine: Can we survive it?

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Presented by Steve Marsden DVM ND MSOM Lac. Dipl.CH CVA AHG

Interest in holistic medicine has swept through the Western world, yet holistic practitioners are still an often stigmatized minority within the veterinary profession. What keeps them on the outside looking in, according to their critics, is a lack of evidence for their methods. In this context, evidence-based medicine (EBM) is becoming viewed as a political sword used to hamstring holistic practitioners, by denying CE credits, accreditation and recognition by regulatory bodies.

Is this perception of Evidence-based medicine accurate, however? Does holistic medicine lack an evidence base? Are the “anecdotal reports” of efficacy that each holistic practitioner has acquired meaningless in the pursuit of evidence-based practice? To begin to answer these questions, we have to start by defining what evidence-based medicine really is. Dr Marsden will discuss the dilemma faced by integrative veterinary practitioners in his usual thorough and scientific manner - a webinar vital to all those seeking more effective modalities to treat their patients.

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 Dr Steve Marsden received his doctorate in veterinary medicine at the University of Saskatchewan in 1988. He has a doctorate in Naturopathic medicine, a Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine, his licensure in acupuncture and Diplomat status in Chinese herbology. He treats both pets and people in his Edmonton, Alberta practice. He is perhaps one of the best known and highly qualified Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine masters worldwide and is a frequent and seasoned lecturer for veterinary audiences worldwide. In 2009 he was awarded Canadian Veterinarian of the Year. In 2010 he was honored for his work as a veterinarian making a difference in BARK magazine and named Herbal Educator of the Year by AHVMA. In 2014 he released his latest textbook designed for easy use in practice, Essential Guide to Chinese Herbal Formulas.


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