Chinese medical management of congestive heart failure – a discussion of various formulas to treat congestive heart failure and its sequelae in dogs  

Dr Steve Marsden

In Chinese medicine, congestive heart failure most often presents as a pathological accumulation of Qi, Fluids and Blood in the thorax. This lecture will review the three main strategies to address this accumulation, including use of herbs, acupuncture and pharmaceuticals. Case examples for each will be presented, as well as how the treatment strategies appear to work from a conventional medical perspective.

This is case based learning for intermediate to advanced practitioners. Beginners are welcome however this webinar assumes a baseline knowledge of TCM.

IVAS Accredited for 1 hour CE.

Join Chinese Medicine Master, Dr Steve Marsden, Canadian Vet of the Year 2010 and Educator of the Year 2011, for an inspiring webinar. This lecture is for veterinarians only and assumes a basic understanding of veterinary Chinese medicine. Cases will be used to illustrate the concepts being taught.




 This webinar is also available for purchase as part of the Steve Marsden Herbal Formula Webinar package.




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