Conquering Cachexia with Steve Marsden

Cachexia is literally Greek for “bad condition”, and manifests with weight loss independent of calories ingested, due to attendant alterations in metabolism, nausea, and loss of appetite. Secondary weakness and fatigue result.Cachexia carries with it a bleak prognosis, since it is an unsustainable condition that is typically poorly responsive to therapy. Additionally, it is often compounded and complicated in cancer patients by nausea secondary to conventional cancer treatments. There are no established effective conventional treatments.

The objective of this webinar is to:

  1. Achieve an understanding of the role of inflammation in cachexia
  2. Propose at least two treatments to combat cachexia for a given patient

 Length 1.5 hours. IVAS accredited

  Join Chinese Medicine Master, Dr Steve Marsden DVM ND MSOM GDipVCHM GDipVetAcu Lac. Dipl.CH CVA AHG, Canadian Vet of the Year 2010 and Educator of the Year 2011, for an inspiring webinar. This lecture is for veterinarians only and assumes a basic understanding of veterinary Chinese medicine. Cases will be used to illustrate the concepts being taught.


$80 for non-Members; $60 for CIVT full veterinary members





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