Naturally Healthy Pets with Dr Liza

In a fast-paced world that's seen the rapid rise of convenience foods, environmental pollution and unsustainable development, our pets are suffering an increasing array of chronic disease issues - just like their 2-legged owners. How can you provide natural care to your beloved pets that promotes health and minimizes the likelihood of disease problems especially in later life? Natural Healthy Pets provides a starting point for owners committed to pets with optimal health and well-being. Now available for enrolment.

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What is included in this course?

8 topics with lecture notes to keep and a video lecture to watch for each topic:

An Introduction: Holistic Care for Naturally healthy Pets

Following the trends in human medicine, veterinary diseases that are a growing problem are those such as cancer, arthritis, allergies, resistant infections, auto-immune conditions and metabolic diseases. Conventional medicine has limited tools to bring about long-term cures for many of these diseases and management of these conditions with drugs may come with undesirable side effects making our traditional approach unsustainable.

Making use of Complementary therapies often helps to improve the quality of life of many animals with these health conditions as symptoms improve and health issues are addressed in a more sustainable way.

Complementary Therapies and an Integrative Approach to Veterinary Care

Complementary therapies include a wide and diverse range of therapies that are not necessarily integrated into mainstream veterinary care. Some have a wealth of science behind them such as herbal medicine and hyperbaric oxygen therapy while others such as homeopathy aren’t understood from the perspective of our modern healthcare paradigm. Some, like acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have been in use for thousands of years while others like NIS therapy (the Neurological Integration System) are relatively new.

Nutrition for Health and Healing

We all want our pets to be fit and healthy, to perform to their optimal potential and to have an excellent quality of life. Good nutrition is fundamentally important to help your animal to stay healthy as it provides the basic building blocks that their body needs to function at its best.

Care of Your Aged Pet
As animals age, their ability to maintain health and vitality becomes limited and growing old gracefully can be a challenge! An older animal in the wild becomes slower, less able to hunt or graze, and keep up with their peers. Subsequently their condition deteriorates further and the natural cycle is that they do not survive for very long.Keeping animals outside of their natural environment places the responsibility upon our shoulders to ensure that their care and maintenance is of a high enough standard to allow for quality of life
Care of Young Animals

Watching young animals grow and develop, learn, play and interact is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Ensuring the health of an animal during these formative stages will help to set a solid foundation which will serve them in maintaining long term health and well-being as adults.

Infection, Immune Support and Vaccination

Microbes such as bacteria, fungi and viruses are common in the lives of our animals and in fact, many of these unwanted residents live normally on or in the bodies of our animals. Others are foreign and may be introduced into an animal population causing disease. “Dis-ease”, from a holistic perspective, is the body’s way of indicating that natural balance is out of harmony and either the immune system is compromised, the microbe causing the disease is severe or both. 

Holistic Parasite Control

Fleas, ticks and worms can be extremely harmful parasites. Not only do they cause a tremendous amount of irritation to their hosts but they are also responsible for health problems.

Dental Health

One of the major foundations of health is a healthy oral cavity. This is the place where nourishing the body begins as food is taken in and begins to be broken down and digested making valuable nutrients available.



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If your veterinarian is a member of CIVT, the New Zealand Complementary Group or Integrative Veterinarians Australia, you will receive a $20 discount - so please make sure you include your veterinarian's name on your enrolment form.

Your Teacher - Dr Liza Schneider

Dr. Liza is one of New Zealand’s leading authorities in holistic animal healthcare. Growing up in South Africa, with majestic landscapes and a rich diversity of wildlife, Liza’s childhood was full of incredible animal encounters. From a young age Liza knew she would be a vet when she grew up. 

In 2003 Dr. Liza established award winning Holistic Vets in Tauranga, a fully integrated veterinary practice combining conventional veterinary medicine and surgery with complementary therapies, which is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Dr. Liza is also the founding trustee of ARRC Wildlife Trust, a charitable trust which provides veterinary care and services to rehabilitate wildlife.  Education is a key focus of ARRC, especially of children. To help achieve this ARRC has produced a series of children’s books illustrating the human impact on wildlife and what children can do to help. Throughout her veterinary career Dr. Liza has sought and applied complementary and natural therapies which are easy to learn, practical to apply and highly effective at assisting her patients to heal.






The information provided by Dr Liza, in conjunction with CIVT, is intended to educate and offer alternatives to help improve and manage your animals’ long term health. Any use of the guidelines contained herein is entirely at the user’s own discretion and risk. While every effort has been made to ensure this information is accurate, Dr Liza and CIVT assume no responsibility for the improper application of this information. Please consult directly with your own veterinarian before making changes to your animals’ healthcare program or diet.


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