Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine

CIVT1001 Introduction to Veterinary Chinese Medicine

This is a short course of approximately 30 hours duration designed as Veterinary Chinese Herbal medicinean introduction to the concepts and language of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). If you are considering undetaking studies in Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture, this course will give you a solid grounding before you begin. The course explores the basic principles and philosophy of TCM and will help you to appreciate the differences between Western and Eastern medicine.

The course is open to anyone wishing to gain a solid, basic appreciation of TCM which can be utilised for further studies in animal TCM. At the end of this course you will be able to

  • Describe the traditional Chinese view of disease
  • Identify and list the causes of disease in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Describe and explain the concept of Qi, the Yin Yang viewpoint and the Five element Viewpoint and how they are applied in practice.
  • Explain the actions and functions of the parts of the body from a Chinese medicine perspective.
  • Explain the normal and abnormal functions of the Organs from a Chinese medicine point of view and how they differ from the Western point of view.
  • Explain the relations between the body and pathogenic factors- what do we mean by "Wind" invasion etc?
  • Have an appreciation of pattern differentiation in Chinese medicine- this is the basis of diagnosis and therefore treatment, whether acupcunture or herbal medicine.
  • Identify some of these patterns and symptoms in dogs and cats
  • Diagnose basic patterns in Veterinary Chinese medicine 

You will review Chinese medicine pathology and begin to learn the sets of symptoms that guide Chinese medicine diagnosis.

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