Integrative Pain Management

Are you confident you know everything you can do to relieve pain in patients? Do you want to understand more and increase your skills and knowledge to an advanced level?

For many years chronic pain in dogs and cats was managed with a single pharmaceutical agent when the clinician determined the animal was suffering. Recently it has been realized that pain is a very complex process and involves signaling molecules, pathways, substances, receptors and transmitters with different modes of action. It is unrealistic to think only one pharmaceutical could be effective in eliminating chronic pain. It is equally unrealistic to think that drugs alone can manage pain effectively for the life of the animal. A multimodal and individualized approach to the treatment of pain in the patient is necessary and the most effective approach. It is important to discuss several things with owners once they understand that their pet has chronic pain. For example, degenerative joint diseases are not curable, so the goals are to keep the pet comfortable and enjoying a good quality of life; this requires a financial and time commitment. Achieving specific goals will most likely require some trial and error which will be result in some triumphs and disappointments for the owner.

This course provides detailed information on the mechanisms of pain and advanced information on techniques and options to manage pain effectively. Your journey in Pain Management is guided by lecturers who are experienced specialist practitioners in this field.


RACE ACCREDITED for Interactive Distance continuing education. Please check with your local registration body that they will accept this for your mandatory CE requirements.

Course Mentors

Dr Michelle Schraeder DVM MEd FAAVA

Dr Neal Sivula DVM PhD FAAVA

Course Lecturers

Dr Neal Sivula DVM PhD FAAVA

Dr Janice L Huntingford DVM DACVSMR (Canine) CVA CVPP CCRT

Dr Dietrich Graf von Schweinitz BSc DVM MRCVS Cert Vet Ac

Dr Bonnie Wright DVM DACVAA

Course Structure

The course is comprised of a single Module

Integrative Pain Management

  • Mechanisms of Pain
  • Pain Management Multimodality Approach
    • Multimodal pain management assessment and pharmacological treatment
    • Multimodal pain management treatment from a TCM and herbal perspective
    • Multimodal pain management nutraceuticals DMOAs Nutrition Regenerative medicine to combat pain
    • Multimodal pain management rehabilitation and exercise therapy for pain management
  • Advanced Trigger Point Diagnosis and Treatment
    • Myofascial pain syndrome and myofascial trigger points introduction
    • Myofascial pain syndrome and myofascial trigger points Pathophysiology
    • Myofascial pain syndrome and myofascial trigger points Clinical presentation
    • Myofascial pain syndrome and myofascial trigger points Treatment
  • Fascia – the 3-dimensional web of the body
    • Introduction to fascia and mechanotransduction
    • Fascia Lymphatics and Immunity
    • Myofascial kinetic lines and acupuncture meridians
    • Fascia and acupuncture points.
 Duration The course is designed to be completed in 16 weeks, however when and how often you study is flexible and driven by you. While there is provision for an extension of time, there will be a fee.

RACE accredited (16 CE points)

IVAS accredited (15 CE points)


Approximately 14 hours of recorded lectures

Detailed lecture notes developed by specialist in each area

Mentor support throughout the course - clinical help

Relevant scientific papers are provided

No text books are required


Multiple choice questions throughout the course – 75% pass rate for RACE hours.

On successful completion you will receive a Certificate in Integrative Pain Management


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Please note that this is an industry-recognised, evidence-based course delivered by qualified and experienced practitioners but is not an Australian government-accredited qualification. 





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