10049NAT Graduate Diploma of Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine

Nationally accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework at postgraduate level.


10049NAT Graduate Diploma of Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine is designed to increase the potential for employability for practitioners and enhance treatment options offered by practitioners.


Successful completion of this course will enable you to integrate a new therapy into practice. You will be able to offer this service to clients and increase treatment options for patients. The course:

  • Provides practitioners with skills and knowledge to practice veterinary western Herbal Medicine competently
  • Provides practitioners with an accredited postgraduate level award based on assessment of their competence
  • Provides employees and clients with evidence of a high level of competence
  • Provides participants with previous training a potential bridge to higher postgraduate qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning.

The College of Integrative Veterinary therapies is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO National provider 91769). We offer nationally accredited training under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Nationally recognized training provides a standard against which courses and colleges can be assessed and assures the student that the course is of an appropriate standard and that government guidelines are met. As RTO accreditation is an ongoing activity you can be assured that the high standards of the CIVT are maintained.  This training and qualification is available across Australia and internationally. 

10049NAT Graduate Diploma of Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine is orientated towards applied theory, which you can implement in your work almost immediately. You will be able to develop your confidence and competence over time with continuous case support, guidance and feedback from tutors with both simulated  and active case forums and subsequently your own clinical cases.


As this course provides education and training in practical and theoretical skills relevant to the provision and integration of Western herbal medicine into veterinary clinical practice, for entry into 10049NAT Graduate Diploma of Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine, candidates must hold either:

  • an undergraduate veterinary science bachelor degree, DVM or equivalent OR
  • a relevant bachelor degree or postgraduate qualifications (Graduate Certificate/Diploma or Master) together with significant relevant vocational practice OR
  • a postgraduate qualification in veterinary science (Master or Doctorate)
  • exceptions may be made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the College depending on previous qualifications and experience.

Learners should also have sound skills in English written and oral communication, literacy and numeracy.



10049NAT Graduate Diploma of Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine consists of  2 Parts, of which the programs - Year 1 Foundations Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine (Modules 1-4) and Year 2 Advanced Veterinary Herbal Therapeutics (Modules 5-8) are the teaching components (non-accredited when taken alone). The additional component of 10049NAT Graduate Diploma of Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine consists of keeping a reflective case log book of personal experience of the skills practiced, demonstrated professional ability and competence and preparing material and evidence for assessment of competencies .


All 6 Units of Competency are core units and are required before full qualification is granted. Students are assessed continuously throughout the training and in the final module submit their portfolio of evidence to CIVT for assessment. Qualified assessors of CIVT assess each final submission.






VETWHM801A - Work within a veterinary Western Herbal Medicine framework

VETWHM802A - Work within veterinary Western Herbal Medicine principles and practices

VETWHM803A - Operate a veterinary Western Herbal Medicine pharmacy

VETWHM804A - Perform the veterinary Western Herbal Medicine assessment

VETWHM805A - Plan and provide the veterinary Western Herbal Medicine treatment strategy

VETWHM806A - Prepare  and present veterinary Western Herbal Medicine research findings



Click here for an outline of the Course with links to more detail.


As post graduate students studying at an academic level, candidates are expected to undertake a significant amount of independent study in their own time and be able to practice skills in the work place. The Course is undertaken over 24 months and the theory component is delivered online with continuous support by teachers and tutors for the development of practical skills in the workplace. The modules are delivered online by qualified trainers and assessors including Dr Barbara Fougere and Colin Daly with major  input from recognised industry expert Dr Susan Wynn as well as other recognised industry expert practitioners contributing various components. The course is self directed and supported by lecture notes, video lectures and comprehensive study guides which take the student through step by step. Trainers and assessors are assigned to each Module to support students in completion of their activities and assignments as well as supporting them in developing skills and confidence in treating their own clinical cases by responding to cases via forum posts and email. One on one support is what makes this course unique. Your workplace is where you get to apply your knowledge and skills and manage your cases.



Part-time. 24 months. Expected volume of learning and study including clinical case time over the 24 months- 945 hours.



CIVT Management is responsible for the quality of its training and assessment services in compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015, and for the issuance of the AQF certification documentation. Once you have commenced the training and assessment in this Course , CIVT is committed to completing the delivery of the training assessment within the agreed duration and will further negotiate the timing for completion of the training assessment if you are unable to complete the course due to illness or extenuating circumstances. We offer an Absence of Leave option and an Extension of Course Time option. It is your responsibility to alert us if you require either of these.


Participants are required to demonstrate evidence of competencies through assessment processes which comprise activities and exercises based on actual and simulated cases in practice over the two year period.  This comprises completing assessments and tasks which are assessed throughout the course, with final summative assessment occurring with submission of a case log book and two in depth case studies.


Those who are assessed as meeting the requirements of a Unit of Competency will be provided with a Statement of Attainment. Those who are assessed as completing the requirements of course and providing evidence of Competency for assessment will receive the the Award Graduate Diploma Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine.



Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process where a student may be granted credit or partial credit towards a qualification in recognition of skills and knowledge gained through work experience, life experience and/ or formal learning. Recognition of Prior Learning is offered to those who have pre-exisiting skills in Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine or Certificates. This offers an entry point for people who have completed Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine training prior to the availability to 10049NAT Graduate Diploma of Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine. These candidates need to complete an initial survey of experience and knowledge to determine if the RPL pathway is appropriate. Then they enrol in RPL for the course and begin the process of submission of evidence. This is a rigorous process. Any gaps in the mapping of skills and knowledge may need to filled by completing individual Units of Competency or elements of a Competency. A portfolio of evidence towards RPL is submitted. This process can take 1 to 6 months to complete.


To apply please use the contact form below. You will receive an application pack and initial survey which you will need to complete and return.

COURSE FEES 2016 - 2018

$7688 paid as a deposit of $1496 plus 18 monthly payments of $344.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): Enrolllment and Process of Assessment $1950. You may be required to complete one or more Gap Skills Units or Modules; this is discussed on a case by case basis and will incur additional fees. Please contact collegeoffice@civtedu,org to discuss the possibility of RPL and the associated process entailed.

A scanned copy of your previous educational qualifications and photo identification (passport or driver’s licence) is required to complete enrolllment.

Provision of appropriate computer equipment and software, as well as any other costs associated with access to teaching and demonstrations or assessment submission shall be the responsibility of the student.


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