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Integrative Veterinary Herbal Medicine Courses

Getting Started Series

Integrating herbal medicine represents an important transition in veterinary practice. It requires changes in our ways of thinking about patients, health and disease. New methods are used to assess patients and new tools are used to treat them. It involves a considerable amount of time, effort, and humility as you become the pupil of your own patients through judicious trial and error.

Balancing these professional sacrifices is the dramatic escalation in job satisfaction as you enjoy, on balance, many more satisfying outcomes while successfully rising to a new challenge. Herbal medicines are also proving to be inexpensive solutions for complex problems, and are thus rapidly gaining importance given today's economy.

To facilitate this professional transition, and ensure high success rates as early on as possible the Getting Started Series is designed to have you integrate herbal medicines into your practice quickly, safely and effectively. If you are wanting to try it out before taking on a more serious course of study then select from these courses for getting started quickly!

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Western Herbal Medicine

 Essentials herbal medicine



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