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IVAS Certification Course in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine - Testimonials

The most wonderful thing to me is that Chinese Medicine .. fills in these huge, frustrating gaps in Western medicine and gives me tools I never dreamed of ..Read more

Dr Sarah Lavely VMD


The CIVT/IVAS Herbal Course has permitted me to (finally!) feel like I could recognize TCM patterns in dogs and cats, making my acupuncture treatment more accurate and effective and allowing me to start using chinese herbal medicine. The integration of Western and Eastern medication became less of an enigma once I could interpret Western medication in a TCM perspective. The course is a lot of work, but so much fun and so rewarding. I really appreciate the evidence-based philosophy, even when it's not alway possible to fully achieve it. I was amazed by the amount of research on Chinese Herbal Medicine. It's good to know where to find this and how to work with and interpret it. In short, I'm a much better acupuncturist and veterinarian now. I still find myself reading up on my notes all the time. Will take a quite a while working with it before I have it all in my system!
Dr Steffi Van der Laarse

 "Thanks so much for checking in!  Yes, I am really enjoying it so far, the program format and videos are quite user friendly.  I was a bit intimidated at first since I have not taken online classes before but this has been great so far.

I really enjoy Dr. Marsden as a teacher since he combines all aspects of diagnostics, research, etc from Western and Eastern philosophies to present the material.  Since I think most of us were trained in Western medicine it is helpful to ease into the Chinese medicine side and I have no doubt about the success/great improvement with so many chronic diseases we see where current medicine has just been palliative."
Dr Burnside DVM USA

I've noticed a significant improvement in my treatment results since starting the course - and I've only really concentrated on the first module! I'm working slowly through the material and often listening to the CDs over and over again. I seem to pick up more each time. I'm also finding the information is side tracking me to outside resources (usually internet based) that make the course incredibly interesting. I can only imagine what the next modules will bring --- Thanks again!
Debbie Boyd DVM USA


I am thoroughly enjoying this course and am extremely happy I enrolled. It is fantastic to be able to do the learning online. It is so convenient not to have to leave our practices to travel to a distant city to take classes. The time and money we would have had to spend on travel and accommodation can be used instead for learning and purchasing course textbooks and investing in our herbal pharmacy. The use of College website is excellent because of the forums. The ability to communicate with our classmates and instructors via email and the forums is very efficient. The DVDs are also excellent, flexible ways of learning- being able to start, stop and replay class lectures feels like such a luxury. One of the best parts of the course is that you can do the learning at your own pace, which works well if you are also working full time.
Dr Jodi Van Tine, MA, DVM, CVA USA

I LOVE the course. It is amazing. I've studied TCVM for fifteen years – including four years of human acupuncture college – and I think that I am learning more in the CIVT course than I learned in all those years
Thanks for all your work and dedication to our learning at CIVT.  It is a wonderful thing.
Dr Marguerite Hernandez, DVM

Foundation Course in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine - Testimonials

I would say that the herbal course is very well set out and clearly explains TCM concepts. It explains things in a different and for me much clearer aspect than ever before. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to even expand on their own clinical observational skills. 
Dr John Katakasi, Australia

Practice and life altering.
Dr Mike Mesley, Australia

Excellent, interesting window into another dimension of veterinary medicine. A week of Ah Ha's of ways to integrate herbal medicine into regular veterinary practice.

Dr Susan Peden, Australia

I loved Steve's diagnostic approach. Let the animal tell you what they have and need with active points. His easy manner and storytelling makes a laborious information intensive process less daunting.
Dr Kim Lim, Australia


Extremely worthwhile. Exciting opened up so many new options for treating and diagnosing cases. It made me enthusiastic about going to work and tackling cases.
Dr Mandy Johnson, Australia

Steve presents a very dynamic understanding of TCM physiology as well as pathology. Most encouraging for me to embark on TC Herbal Medicine, so far I use only Acupuncture but I hope the herbs have great potential in our 100% equine practice.
Dr Janet Buckerfield, Australia


Comprehensive, entertaining. A lot covered in a small amount of time.
Information can be used straight away in clinical practice - very practical course. Course very well organized.  
Dr Rebecca Bugg, Australia

Excellent and practical interpretation of TCM. Great elicitation of herbal medicine.
Dr David Larret, Australia


Intensive. Fantastic teaching about the TCM basics. Wonderful teacher. Excellent approach to cases. Very practical. Loved it!

Dr Esther Horton, Australia

Excellent content, interesting and very applicable to veterinary medicine. Presented by an incredibly knowledgeable vet with a great practical base.
Dr Sharyn, Australia

Getting Started in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine - Testimonials

For Veterinarians with previous TCM/Acupuncture training, it provides an instant access to herbal formulas that are safe and have been tested/used for thousands of years. These are useful in treating some conditions which are deemed untreatable/incurable with conventional therapies.
Dr Samuel Wong, Hong Kong


Interesting and opens your mind to alternative treatments.
Highly recommended.
Dr Betty Chan, Hong Kong


Steve was very knowledgeable and an entertaining speaker. I enjoyed his linking western science theory with Chinese metaphor procedures whenever possible.... That was one of my biggest learning experiences from this program.
Dr A E James, Hong Kong


Very instructive and well organised.
Dr Anne-si Li, Hong Kong


To learn an alternative medicine that can augment conventional medicine to achieve better result, especially for those ‘dead-end' cases.

Dr Doris Leung


It is practical and I certainly gained a lot from the scientific explanations of the formulae.
Hazel Chung, Hong Kong


I would say this course really opens up options in treating our patients. It certainly gives vets the comfort to know that there are herbal options out there that help at a therapeutic level. It is very interesting. But it takes some time to understand the TCM concept and understand how to apply formulas. I like that the biochemistry of herbs gets explained which helps our scientific mind to understand TCM. It is awesome! Love it!
Dr Ada Loi, Hong Kong July 2009


Very eye-opening! So many diseases which had few treatment options and seemed hopeless in western medicine are NOT hopeless in eastern medicine. I think attending this course gave me a more well-rounded view of medicine in general. I also appreciated how Steve presented the western equivalent of every metaphoric description....this helped the scientific parts of my brain significantly. The repetition was also very helpful.
Carrie Daly, Hong Kong July 2009

An excellent way to start using herbs in general practice.
Judith Benjafield, Hong Kong


Dr Grace Li, Hong Kong


Insightful, interesting, enlightening. 
Dr Shevaun Gallwey, Hong Kong


Fascinating. Impressive with respect to new approaches to treating common or difficult to manage cases.
Oksana Bodnaruk, Singapore


Instructor - engaging, knowledgeable. Material - fascinating, practically organised. Overall - very helpful, useful.
Weng Yan Ng, Singapore July 2009


Very insightful and enjoyable!
Shannon Heo, Singapore July 2009


Clear and balanced (conventional veterinary medicine and TCM). Provides scientific evidence whenever possible. Well done and thank you for organising such an excellent course.
Dr Angeline Wong, Singapore July 2009

Introduction to Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine - Testimonials

I am just finishing the final assessment this weekend. It has been fantastic. I am finding I am looking at many things with different eyes. What should I do next?
Dr Kathy McQuillan, Australia

Essentials of Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine
The CIVT Essentials of Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine course was definitely another excellent online learning experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was highlighted by online interactive tutorials which gave students an opportunity to speak directly to the professors and receive instant feedback. It was very helpful to learn a lot of detail about a select number of the most common and well understood herbs which provided me with the confidence to use them in practice immediately.  

The course notes were an excellent resource and I really enjoyed watching the recommended online videos that were included in the notes. I definitely recommend this course not only to veterinarians just starting to work with herbs but for seasoned veterinary herbalists as an excellent opportunity to expand the depth of their herbal knowledge.
Thank you Dr Fougere!
Dr. Julie Schell, BSc (Hons),DVM, CVA, CVCHM, CVC

Thank you for making this such a rewarding experience. I loved the course and hope to continue learning and practicing herbal medicine.
Dr Reagan Camwath, Glasgow, UK. 

Foundation Course in Western Herbal Medicine - Testimonials

I have never taken an online course before and am also completely new to herbal medicine - and my experience of this foundation course in western veterinary herbal medicine is 110% superb! The quality of the material, the ease of accessibility and the support and regular contact with tutors through the monthly 'live' on-line tutorials are all far better than I would have ever expected. I cannot praise this stimulating, exciting and fascinating course highly enough!
Dr Holly Mash UK

Environmental Animal Health 

I have learnt so much studying Environmental Animal Health. Being a Naturopath, I thought I had a good understanding of potential toxins we are faced with, but this course brought me to a new level of understanding. I use the information every day, not only for animals, but also for my human clients. Priceless knowledge everyone should learn. 
Kerrie Hyland N.D.

EAH was a great course. I knew a bit about environmental concerns, but this is another level. The course notes were comprehensive and Lyndy was available and engaged with us every step of the way, via great online classroom chats, forums, blogs, plus quick and valuable feedback on our assessments. The enthusiasm and encouragement displayed by Lyndy and Barbara makes me excited and determined to keep going. The EAH course has really changed my life and that of my animals - for the better. 
Natasha Milne


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