Dr Cynthia Lankenau presents an Advanced Equine Acupuncture series
This series of 2 lectures is designed to provide additional training and information for equine acupuncturists. Dr Lankenau presents her individualized approach to the equine acupuncture patient in lecture 1, incorporating teachings from a range of global acupuncture teachers; in lecture 2 discusses Dr Tan's Balance Methods. Beginner acupuncturists are welcome to attend but the lectures are designed for those with a basic knowledge of veterinary acupuncture.

As with any acupuncture training, information is pertinent to other species also and can be adapted to veterinary acupuncture in small animals, livestock and exotics.

IVAS Accredited: 3 points (both lectures)

Individualized Approach to Equine Acupuncture: the foundation

As we grow with our acupuncture skills, we all develop and interact with our clients in a unique individualized manner while we are facing difficult cases with very complex patterns of disharmony.   These patients can vary from those that have low vitality to those with extreme sensitivity; demanding the use of minimal acupuncture needles.  These cases can be extremely challenging.  We daily face the challenge of stimulating these animals’ vital force without over-stimulating with a resultant ‘healing crisis’ that fulminates in a negative situation. We need to develop flexibility in our practice in order to meet the demands and needs of each individual case.

Our unique patients force us to grow as practitioners. Other factors that influence our professional growth include client’s unique demands, our type of practice (elderly retired companions to backyard horses to high level performance horses), our individual likes and style of interactions with animals and our exposure to different mentors and teachers.  This lecture is focused on the foundation of my treatment strategy, the teachings from Are Thoresen; treating the animal through its deficiency Jing Well point, or using the ‘mid-point’, a balance technique based on Rudolf Steiner’s work. 

Incorporating Dr. Tan’s Balance techniques into Practice

The Balance Method has been taught in the US by Dr. Tan for over two decades and has been incorporated into the methods taught by many veterinary instructors. The Balance Methods are used to treat meridian or channel imbalances.  There are Six systems used; the choice of which system can depend on the practitioner’s training and understanding of the systems.  The systems rely on the practitioner’s knowledge of the Six Layers, The Internal and External; the Circadian Clock Opposites and neighbors.  The first step is to identify the affected or ‘sick’ meridian.  Once that has been determined, the Systems are used to analyze the choices of meridians to treat.  The actual point selection is based on mirroring the meridians or using a micro-system imaging systems.  The effect on the patient should be almost immediate with the use of a minimal number of needles, typically one to three.

Registration for these lectures includes:

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Dr Cynthia Lankenau DVM CVA CCVHM  

Dr Lankenau graduated from Cornell in 1981 and moved into 100% dairy practice and became very frustrated with the limitations of western medicine.  After a stint in the Peace Corps and time in a mixed animal practice, Cynthia began her path towards complementary and alternative veterinary medicine. She holds a Graduate Diploma of Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine, an Advanced Certification in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine (IVAS) and certifications in veterinary acupuncture (IVAS), chiropractic, reiki and homeopathy.

Dr Lankenau runs a sole practitioner mixed animal 100 % alternative modality practice in western NY State. She is active in the CAVM community being past-president of VBMA and having been responsible for the maintenance of the VBMA Listserver, with untiring devotion generously sharing advice and knowledge.


Pricing: For the two part series of advanced equine acupuncture

Australia: Full Fee - $88AUD  CIVT Members - $70AUD (includes GST)

US, Canada, Central & South America, Africa & Asia: Full Fee - $88USD  CIVT Members - $70USD

UK: Full Fee - £50 GBP; CIVT Members - £40 GBP

Europe: Full Fee - €68.75 Euro; CIVT Members €55 Euro


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