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7. The College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies, the College board, teachers, lecturers, tutors or staff will not be held liable in respect of any information, instruction or advice given to any student, ex-student or practitioners, whether directions given at any time or in any situation are followed or not. The courses are given as advice and instruction, and anyone carrying out treatment under these conditions must accept full responsibility for such consultation and or treatment. The College reserves the right to: Make any changes at any time to policy, syllabus, lecturers, tutors, guidelines, schedules, costs, administration fees, seminars/tutorials, clinics etc and any other provision contained in the website, course or module or unit outlines or in any online brochure or information. Cancel, postpone or consolidate any course should there be, in the opinion of the College, insufficient enrolments prior to the commencement of the course. Enrolled students will be notified, and the fees will be put towards a subsequent course or to be refunded. To automatically add student details to the College mail list unless otherwise requested by the student in writing not to do so.

Students are requested to contact the College before submitting/ signing this form if clarification of any point is required .

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