Chronic disease conditions are now the common target of veterinary therapy but are there better ways to manage diseases that will not be resolved with conventional therapy. We often turn to acupuncture and herbal therapy, but for many of our patients MOXIBUSTION is an effective and preferable therapeutic option - even in the hands of the non-acupuncturist!

Moxibustion – where there is smoke there is fire: bridging science and tradition with new insights on mugwort as a powerful veterinary medicine.

Moxibustion is a stand alone therapy which can be used along-side acupuncture or instead of acupuncture. It has a long and interesting history and an incredible emerging evidence base of scientific studies supporting its profound effects. If you want to know how to treat cases that don’t respond to acupuncture or other therapies, or animals with stress related diseases, arthritis, IBD, cancer and many other disorders, then this webinar will provide the essential background, techniques and leading edge research to give you confidence to practice it effectively. You don’t have to be an acupuncturist to benefit from this webinar, but a knowledge of point location is beneficial. If you are a herbalist you will be fascinated to learn the benefits of this traditional herbal therapy.

Specific Outcomes:

  • How moxibustion works from a  biomedical basis
  • The main techniques of moxibustion in veterinary practice
  • A single holistic treatment for challenging cases of chronic pain
  • How to augment hospice care for cancer patients
  • How to slow down aging (at least in mice!)
  • How to treat renal disease even if you are not an acupuncturist
  • The science behind moxibustion
  • The approach to moxibustion
  • Cautions and Contraindication
  • What not to do.

This a a 2-hour seminar that will provide practical understanding and training. IVAS Accredited: 2 hours

REGISTRATION. Full Fee $60; CIVT Full Veterinary Members and Associate Members $45

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Dr Barbara Fougere BSc, BVMS(Hons), BHSc(Comp Med), MHSc(Herb Med), GradDipVCHM, GradDipVetAcu, GradDipVWHM, CVBM, CVCP, GDBus Mgt, MOrg D&T, CMAVA, MNHAA is a CIVT faculty member and integrative practitioner utilizing Acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbs and other therapies in her practice in Sydney. She is past President of the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association and past President of IVAS. She is co-author of Veterinary Herbal Medicine, the first textbook on Western herbs for veterinarians.

This Webinar includes:

  • Certificate 2 hour Continuing Professional Development
  • Access to Recording of Webinar.

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