The Continuum of Disease and Healing

The Disease Evolution Table of Homotoxicology is a tremendously useful tool for tracking the progression of disease and emergence of health in our veterinary patients. With this simple tool clinicians can estimate prognosis and evaluate therapeutic plans and responses. Have you ever wondered what was going on with a patient - whether you should continue or change plans? This tool can help with just that question. In this lecture Dr Palmquist will discuss the basics of this table and show attendees its usefulness in integrating treatment plans in small animal practice.




Dr Richard Palmquist DVM is the Chief of Integrative Medicine at Centinela Animal Hospital in Los Angeles. He is active in the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, chairing the Research Committee and is a member of the Editorial Committee. He is an international educator in hospice care, integrative medicine and homotoxicology. He blogs on holistic and integrative health for animals authored the book, Releasing Your Pet's Hidden Health Potential, co-authored the text book Integrating Complementary Medicine into Veterinary Practice and published numerous scientific papers. His favourite quote is "Seek truth and healing follows. Anything that accomplishes healing is medicine and to this there is no alternative."

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