CIVT1005 Getting Started in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Therapeutics

This course is comprised of 2 modules: CIVT1003 and CIVT1004 for a biomedical approach to Getting Started in Chinese Veterinary Herbal Practice MedicineVeterinary Chinese Herbal Therapeutics. We focus on the top 20 formula group, so you can get started easily in practice without having to invest in an extensive pharmacy. This course won't make you an expert, but we will show you which cases to select for maximum efficacy and safety. You don't have to have a solid grounding in Chinese Medicine to have success in well selected cases.

If you want a more in-depth knowledge then CIVT1006 Certification in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine provides a greater depth of knowledge.

CIVT partners IVAS to offer the IVAS Certification or IVAS Advanced Certification in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine across North America. Please also consider these courses.

This Course earns you 40 Continuing Education credit hours with IVAS.

Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine
Why learn with CIVT? CIVT delivers cost effective courses in these financially stressful times - that get you using herbs straight away. With a strong biomedical basis you don't have to have an in-depth understanding of Chinese medicine to achieve clinical success. However you do need to be choose the right cases - we will show you how. When you do, you will see safety and efficacy, and happy patients and clients.  This course will take approximately 80 hours to complete.
Course Title CIVT1005 Getting Started Veterinary Chinese Herbal Therapeutics
Modules, Topics and Codes

MODULE 1: CIVT1003 Getting Started with Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine

 Topic 1 Getting Started In Herbal Medicine

Topic 2 The Clinical Approach- Establishing a Blue print for success

Topic 3 Interpreting Outcomes in Herbal Medicine

Topic 4The Top Chinese Formulas what they treat and how they work

Topic 5 The Top Chinese Formulas II

Topic 6 The Top Chinese Formulas III

Topic 7 The Top Chinese Formulas III

Topic 8 The Top Chinese Formulas IV

Topic 9 Chinese medical treatment of skin disease

Topic 10 Heal Yourself with herbs

MODULE 2: CIVT1004 Veterinary Chinese herbal therapeutics

Topic 1 Treatment of some Autoimmune Diseases

Topic 2 Chinese herbal treatment of some Cancers in small animals

Topic 3 Chinese herbal treatment of some Endocrine Diseases

Topic 4 Chinese herbal treatment of common Gastrointestinal conditions

Topic 5 Chinese herbal treatment of some Liver Disorders

Topic 6 Chinese herbal treatment of Skin Disease in Small Animals

Topic 7 Pain Management using Chinese Herbal Medicine

Topic 8 Treatment of Renal/Urinary Tract conditions. 

Topic 9 Treatment of Cardiopulmonary Conditions

Topic 10 Treatment of Neurological Disorders

Course Outcomes

On completion of this program veterinarians will have the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Apply basic knowledge and understanding of 20 classical TCM formulas for use in the management of your clinical cases from both a TCM and biomedical perspective
  • Know how to analyse a given formula from the individual herb components to judge how the formula might work and therefore be applied to appropriate cases
  • Integrate conventional and TCM treatments where necessary safely and effectively.
  • Apply knowledge of potential herb/drug interactions and address and avoid potential side effects.
  • Successfully integrate a core group of at least 20 traditional Herbal Formulas into veterinary practice
  • Assess the quality and therapeutic potential of Chinese herbal medicines
  • Advise clients on the rational and safe use of Chinese herbal medicines 
Course tuition fee

Residents of USA: $1250USD

Residents of Canada, NZ, Asia, Africa, Central & South America: $1250AUD

Residents of UK: £875GBP

Residents of Europe: €1005Euro

Residents of Australia: $1150AUD +GST

(Payment is via PayPal or credit/debit card. Please have your payment details ready when you enrol because you will be automatically redirected to a payment page.)

Communication and Course Course Material We will provide self paced learning content and activities within the myCIVT classroom online. You will receive a log in and password to access this room. From myCIVT you can access course content as well as submit assessment tasks. Email/skype/chat support is available.
Course schedule

You have 27 weeks to complete your course from the date you start your course, you can complete it sooner if you wish.

(Provision for extension: Course extension will be granted on the payment of an additional fee of $50 for an additional month or $100 for an additional 3 months. This course cannot be extended beyond the limit of a 3 month extension.)

Prerequisites Learners should have independent computer skills and be able to access the internet. This course is restricted to qualified veterinarians.
Assessment Multiple choice open book, short answers, forum participation. You will receive a Certificate of Statement of Attainment on successful completion of the course.

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