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Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine

Veterinary Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine Courses



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Veterinary medicine has its own language that shapes the way we view health and disease in animals. So why bother learning a different medicine especially one that is based on another system altogether? The language of Chinese medicine offers a different worldview, a different way of expressing the nuances of signs and symptoms that we see but cant always tie together from a Western perspective. It offers metaphors that help categorize the sets of symptoms that allow us to make a Chinese medicine diagnosis. The value in that is that we can then, based on straightforward principles apply the medicines- namely Chinese herbal formulas- that treat the "imbalance" or disease.

The College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies specializes in presenting the information of Chinese medicine in a way that emphasizes the similarities to Western medicine, building on what you already know. Dr Steve Marsden is an expert in veterinary Chinese medicine. He has been a pioneer in contemporizing the best that Chinese medicine has to offer and integrating it with conventional veterinary medicine. He has lectured worldwide on the practical aspects of using Chinese herbs in practice and is able to explain their rational use based on science.

Metaphors (like yin and yang) can be explained from a biomedical perspective so that we discover all medicine is actually one and the same. Once we know that , the rest is easy. If fact having a veterinary background can make learning Chinese medicine even easier! Understanding Chinese medicine principles and practices opens up a huge array of therapeutic potential as the medicines (plant based with few exceptions) contain active constituents that have antimicrobial, antiviral, anti inflammatory, antioxidant, nephroprotective, hepatoprotective, and any other therapeutic quality you could want for your patient. We focus on classic formulas that can be made up or purchased because of their widespread use in humans- however we provide safety and efficacy information that reduces risk for veterinary patients.

Welcome to a new world of therapeutic options for your patients where you want to improve their health and well being, counteract side effects, treat untreatable conditions and treat those complex and seemingly disparate cases- you will have a new way of diagnosing even these difficult cases.

Whether you are starting out or experienced there is a course here for you.

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