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Dr Barbara Fougere BSc, BVMS(Hons), BHSc(Comp Med), MHSc(Herb Med), Grad Dip Vet Acup, Grad Dip VWHM, Grad Dip VCHM, CVA, CVBM, CVCP, GD Bus Mgt, MOrg D&T, CMAVA MNHAA is a 1986 graduate from Murdoch University Veterinary School Western Australia. She practices in Sydney Australia, exclusively in veterinary integrative medicine. She has served on the Australian Veterinary Association Policy Council, Therapeutic Advisory Committee, Feline Health Research Fund and has held positions as President of the Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group, President of the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association, House of Delegates IVAS and President for IVAS and is one of the first veterinarians to be certified in Veterinary Botanical Medicine worldwide. She holds a Masters degree in herbal medicine and a bachelors degree in Complementary Medicine as well as a Masters in the field of education and training. She is a member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia, Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine, AVA, AHVMA, VBMA and IVAS . She also holds qualifications in veterinary acupuncture, western herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, spinal integration, homeopathy and other therapies and has authored Healthy Dogs a Manual of Natural Therapies (2003), The Pet Lovers Guide to Natural healing for Cats and Dogs (2006) and coauthored two veterinary texts Veterinary Herbal Medicine (2007) and Integrating Complementary Medicine into Veterinary Practice (2008). She was awarded the AHVMA Practitioner of the Year in 2010 and Educator of the Year in 2011.

Complete List of Barbara Fougere's CIVT Webinars

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Using Western Herbs in Veterinary Practice for Liver Disease - RACE Accredited 1.3hrs $49 $39  
Using Western Herbs in Veterinary Practice for Kidney Disease - RACE Accredited 1hr $49 $39  
Case Studies in Naturopathic Oncology
1hr $49 $39
Integrative Approach to Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats 1hr $49 FREE
Integrative Approach to Atopic Skin Disease 1hr $49 $39
An Integrative Approach to pre-anaethetic, surgical and post-anaesthetic care uning herbs and other modalities 1hr $49 $39
Xiao Yao San and the Anxious Patient 1hr $49 FREE
Supporting Geriatric Health with Diet and Herbs 1hr $49 FREE
Introduction to Veterinary Western herbal medicine 1hr $49 FREE

Integrative Approach to Veterinary Medicine Webinar Package

5hrs $100 $80
IVAS Accredited
2hrs $60 $45
IVAS Accredited
1hr $49 $39
Using Herbs and Acupuncture in Practice Webinar Package

7.5 hrs





Introduction to Essential Oils


Herb Walk: common herbs for animal and human health


Getting Started in Holistic Health Collection:
  • Introduction to Essential Oils
  • Introduction to Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine
  • Herb Walk: common herbs for animal and human health
  • Supporting Geriatric Health with Diet and Herbs
  • Fungal Adventures (bonus)
  • Building Resilience - connecting with the heart of the practice


Fungal Adventures - Medicinal Mushrooms 1hr Bonus FREE  
Introduction to Integrative Practice 1hr Bonus Bonus  
Building Resilience - connecting with the heart of the practice 1hr Bonus FREE  


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