Animal Health Care and Disease

ANHLTHD1504 Animal Health Care and Disease

This major unit of study is comprised of 3 distinct areas of study which are congruent. Students will learn:

  1. Rendering essential first aid for animals by recognising and responding to an emergency using basic life support measures. The first aider is not expected to deal with complex casualties or incidents, but to provide an initial response where first aid is required. Providing basic first aid for animals requires the ability to respond positively to emergencies in line with practised actions and demonstrate basic first aid casualty management principles. It also requires knowledge of the use of safe work practices, the animal emergency network, and first aid casualty management principles and zoonotic diseases. 
    1. The process of monitoring the general health and wellbeing of companion animals, including young animals and those with special needs. Special needs may include aged, sick or injured animals. In addition to legal and ethical responsibilities, there is the requirement for animals to be handled gently and calmly. The individual is required to develop an empathetic understanding of animals in their care, so that stress and discomfort can be minimised.
    2. Companion Animal Diseases and their management from a conventional or orthodox view of veterinary medicine. The treatments described are orthodox and you need to appreciate this approach which in many cases is life-saving. Your studies with CIVT offer other ways of thinking about animal disease and natural therapies to approach them. This portion of the unit covers diseases from a systemic perspective:
      1. Cardiovascular
      2. Digestive
      3. Endocrine
      4. Eye
      5. Hematological & Immunological
      6. Skin
      7. Musculoskeletal
      8. Reproductive
      9. Pan-systemic
      10. Urinary
      11. Nervous
      12. Respiratory


On line quizzes       50%

Assignments           50%

Nominal Hours:      130

Suggested Study Plan:  6.5 hours per week for 20 weeks

Fee for Single Unit: $887USD


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