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Integrative Veterinary Medicine Courses

Welcome to the College of Integrative Veterinary Medicine where you want:

  • New treatment options for your patients
  • To be able to integrate evidence based natural medicine into your practice
  • To be philosophically nourished and inspired
  • Competence and confidence in a new field
  • To explore a new interest
  • To be able to answer client questions about natural medicine
  • To reinvigorate your passion for animal health
  • To build on previous studies in natural medicine
  • To gain a recognised qualification in natural medicine

Not only will we transform the way you think about animal health and natural medicine, we will transform the way you feel about practice. These are our current course offerings. If you can't see what you are looking for, be sure to contact us.

Nationally accredited qualifications

Note, only these courses, with the Nationally Recognised Training logo, are accredited qualifications.

Nationally Accredited Units of Competency

Note, only these Units of Competency, with the Nationally Recognised Training, logo are accredited UOC.


Non-Accredited Courses: Do not carry the Nationally Recognised Training logo.

Other CIVT Courses

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Not sure which Chinese Herbal Medicine course is right for you? Compare courses here.

Western Herbal Medicine

Veterinary Acupuncture

Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Natural Animal Health Care 

Review our extensive course testimonials and success stories to see what others are saying about our courses.                                                



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